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What Do Tea Lovers Say About Our Tea

Ana | Toronto

OMG Your Tea!

I was a bit sceptic about it being tea bags, you know there's this belief that good tea is only loose tea. but NAH, don't believe that anymore. 

Incredible, I'm in love!

Overall, super excited to drink it in the mornings, looks like I got a new addition to my morning routine :)

Adeline | L.A.

So Good, Great Value

The packaging is adorable and very convenient. The pack comes with 30 tea bags!! Such a good deal for the price!

Now, the tea itself is SO fragrant, you can taste the floral notes. It’s my new go-to morning tea to start my day! Will definitely repurchase again!

Raven | Toronto

Amazing Taste

This Alishan oolong tea really exceeded my expectation! This mountain oolong tea comes with an elegant aroma, and has this unique natural sweetness that will last in your palate for a while. The body is light yet so flavourful which is great to enjoy at any occasion. And to see the tea leaves expanding in the pot is just soothing to watch, extra bonus ;-)

David | Canada

Cottage Retreat Oolong is Delicious

I bought it for its health benefits, but i must say this tea is absolutely delicious and will be a part of my daily routine from now on.