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Digital Gift Cards
Digital Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards

The perfect gift for family & friends! We have gift cards at a variety of values so whether your loved one is an avid tea drinker or wants to try something new we have you covered.

✨ Naturally farmed
✨ Vegan-friendly
✨ Contains caffeine
✨ Minimum package waste
✨ Tax free product

🌱 Oxidation & Roasting levels: semi oxidized, light roasted loose leaf tea
🍵 Taste: fresh, smooth, long-lasting sweet aftertaste
💧 Texture: Light body
〰️ Aroma: mood-lifting, pleasant orchid notes
🟡 Color: gold
Contains caffeine
🍪 Perfect dessert pairing: citrusy dry desserts
🍽🥢Perfect meal pairing: Asian cuisine

Content: Oolong loose leaf tea
Weight: 100g

Tea Plantation: Shihjhuo, Alishan, Taiwan 
Elevation: 1300 meters

1 tbsp of tea leaves, Spring (or Tap) Water at 95°C (203°F), Steep for 40 to 60 seconds, Remove the tea leaves from the water, Allow re-steeping up to 3 to 4 times.

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea and has been an integral part of Chinese culture. It is from the camellia sinensis plant just like green tea and black tea. The difference is the level of oxidation and how they are processed. Oolong tea sits between the two.

• Alishan oolong tea is grown in subtropical climates at 1,300 meters above sea level in the Taiwan Alishan area. It is considered one of the best quality oolong teas in the world because of its growing environment, processing skills required, and rare quantity.

• Alishan is known for its humidity, foggy weather, and large temperature differences between day and night. This allows tea leaves to grow at a slow rate, perfectly locking in the humidity, sweetness, and aroma, which makes the tea leaves grown in Alishan soft, refined, and aromatic. Only 2% of the tea in the world is oolong tea, and only 8% come from Alishan, Taiwan.

Each tea leaf is handpicked and harvested by local tea workers. Processing oolong tea requires very specialized skills and experience.

Tea masters will carefully monitor the conditions of tea leaves and ensure each stage of the tea process is well-timed and seamless. The Taiwanese government is also involved in the tea growing process to ensure land sustainability and tea quality.