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PUR Tea Brewing Vessel
PUR Tea Brewing Vessel

PUR Tea Brewing Vessel

The PUR tea brewing vessel is an elegant and practical ceramic piece designed for brewing loose leaf tea for single servings and elevating the quality of your tea time.

The vessel is made from stoneware clay from India, handcrafted using a wheel-thrown method (no moulds!) and coated inside out with a smooth white matte glaze. 

Brewing Instruction Add enough loose leaf tea to cover the bottom surface of the vessel, fill with 95° (203° F) spring or tap water until the water level almost reaches the neck of the vessel.
Steep for 40 to 60 seconds. Pour all the tea into a tea cup and leave the leaves inside the vessel for the next steeping.

Warning Avoid adding water above the neck of the vessel as the ceramic will be hot to hold while pouring. Handwash only.

Dimensions H 10cm  W 9cm 
Origin India
Brand Ahista Tea